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case study 01


Crypto exchange OKX will allow users to use fiat balance as a source of funds to make instant crypto purchases. This is how I led the Deposit feature.

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+3.1k total users
+3.1k total usersCR KYC1: 64,9%
case study 02

KYC as a service

Crypto exchanges OKX and Okcoin aimed to move to a complete service-oriented architecture for all their services. Check how my team and I developed a new Know Your Costumer (KYC) flow.

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case study 03

Field Services solution

Cobli is an end-to-end fleet tracking solution. This is about how I helped build its Field Services feature.

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+3.1k total usersCR KYC1: 64,9%
Total mentees: 27990+ min of mentorship

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