Oi, I'm Adi!
Product Designer by day
& changemaking enthusiast by night

04 years of experience working with B2B, B2C & SaaS

Ted, my catBauhaus
Bikeemo poster at lollapalooza

About me

👋 Hey there, I'm Adria - but please call me Adi!

I'm a Product Designer who has led fraud prevention initiatives for a user base of +150M worldwide with a +63% conversion rate. I believe in the value of UX metrics to assess design quality, track improvements, and demonstrate UX's impact on business goals.

A bit about my IC influence:

👉 Knowledge-session host among peers. Topics discussed: emotional design, stakeholder relationships, how to use variables in Figma

👉 Nominated at twice in the" team player" category

👉 Organized within the companies a series of events to discuss Design with experts from top companies such as Netflix and Volkswagen.

🫶 My long-term career goals? (1) Leverage my design expertise to advance equity and social justice and (2) Be a part of a global Design community.

Outside the Design world, I love being outdoors - whether it's hiking, swimming, riding the bike, kayaking or simply basking in the sun. I also enjoy playing the bass and listening to rock+emo music.


2022 - Present
Product Designer, Risk/ Fraud & Payments
at OKX

2022 - Present
Product Design Mentor
at Designlab

2021 - 2022
UX/UI Design Mentor
at Awari              

2019 - 2022
UX/UI Designer, Growth → Product Designer, Vehicle Telematics
at Cobli

2014 - 2019
Web Designer + Graphic Designer

Communication and Media Studies at University of Campinas (UNICAMP, 2016)

UX Design at The British School of Creative Arts (EBAC, 2021)

Nielsen Normal Group (NN/g) Conferences
Measuring UX and ROI (2022)
Persuasive and Emotional Design (2023)
Successful Stakeholder Relationships (2023)

Interaction Design Foundation (IxDF) Member
Scrum Alliance Certified Scrum Professional
In-person attendee at Figma's Annual Conference, 2023
Graphic Design Volunteer at United Nations, 2017

Kind words from my colleagues

Addie is one of my absolute favorite designers I’ve had the pleasure of working with. I was part of the hiring decision and she has proven to be one of the best hires I’ve ever made.

She's very strong at communicating and clarifying project needs. She goes over every detail with a sharp focus on making sure she understands how to support her team and the user. Addie is a bright spot in the team!

Margaret Sommer
Product designer

Addie is one of the most hard-working, diligent, and respectful PDs I've ever worked with. Whether it's a project we're working on together or one I'm giving feedback on, it's clear she takes great pride in her work and is always willing to work with content designers, product managers, and engineers to ensure a smooth launch and process.

I would happily take Addie as my PD partner for any of my projects.

Cody Williams
Content designer

Addie is very engaged in both squad and Design. She focuses on delivering high-quality results in an organized and efficient manner. Some of her strengths are usability flows, user research, and Design Systems.

Addie's vital to maintain a healthy environment for everyone, bringing the team closer together while leveraging team morale and productivity.

Caio Scalon
Software engineer

Addie has been incredible to work with. From an end-user standpoint, her designs are clean, intuitive, and well-designed. As a teammate and collaborator, Addie is receptive to feedback and quick to action. She asks pointed questions during discussions to help guide her designs to be more purposeful and also easier to implement from an engineering perspective. To boot, she has incredible work ethic and will never output something less than 100%.

Mike Maguire
iOS engineer

Addie is one of the best mentors I met! While preparing for interviews, she gave me lots of good suggestions on how to approach the interview questions, what she usually does, and what interviewers would like to see.

Nina Chen

I had the pleasure to work with Addie in the compliance product squad. We've worked closely on 2 major 0->1 KYC and crypto transfer products. She played a critical role in always thinking about business/user's needs and came out with designs that later proven to have high conversion. She was also very communicative and were always available to have a meeting quickly in cases where priorities or requirements are changed.

Ethan Hsiao
product manager

Nothing great is built alone

If you have an idea in mind or just want to make a new friend, feel free to ping me!